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This is another short poem I made a few months back. It was inspired by an intriguing conversation with a friend who had trouble getting intimate and how she tried so hard to explore her sexual side.

By: Anita Marie

I don’t know how to touch myself
My very being, smooth, soft, but scarred within
I don’t know how to keep them at bay
Should I bend or move my hips this way?

It’s confusing at most yet primal at least
A thermodynamic way to calm the beast
Heat, so much heat
And a great deal of pleasure
Coming in like waves
Hitting me with a rush of desire I cannot conquer unless I wander

A danger. A risk. An excitement
Dancing shadows in the heat of the moment.
Intoxicated with a heightened sensation
Getting the hang of a rhythmic motion

An art no painter can repaint
A song no musicians can remake
A passion no other alchemist can recreate
And a love no one can replicate

It has been called many things
Natural, most often
But it can change everything
Sometimes, all at once in a moment

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This poem is a poem about my past relationship. I started dating a close friend a few years back and last year, we broke up for certain reasons. Break ups are long stories reserved for the coffee table. Well, I don’t hate my ex, per se. He did play an important part in my life and I’ve learned so much like why some best friends don’t make good boyfriends. Also, what giving yourself to another person means.

By: Anita Marie

In front of him, I was naked
I took off the clothes I wore that covered my skin
My blouse, my skirt, the underwear that teasingly made him smirk
I let him touch me like no one else could
He knew everything about me
Suddenly, he knew all my secrets
Suddenly, he knew all the right places, even if he needed my help
With how to discover me as a woman
He saw all of the scars I would never let anyone touch
He, now, knew which of my breasts was the bigger one
The stretch marks that embarrass me, my sweaty and a bit smelly underarms covered with armpit hair
All of that no longer hidden from view
Bare, naked, everything out on display for him to see

We were at a level where we could not wear a label around our necks
Yet we knew we wanted to gaze in each other’s stars forever
Heaven wasn’t so far away every time we spent our time in each other’s arms
But slowly, as the love potion started to lose its effect, I found out
I found out that he was just a boy
And just like a boy, he only saw what he wanted to see

Even if in front of him, I was naked
I ripped off the curtain that hid who I really was
My thoughts, my dreams, everything I thought would’ve been
I let him in as no one else could
Yet he knew nothing about me
He didn’t know why I cry at night
He didn’t know the things I really liked even when he was given help
With discovering me as a woman
He saw my scars yet didn’t see the pain underneath them
He felt my breasts yet didn’t feel how fast my heart was beating
Stretch marks as proof of growing up, underarms that have been a million times kissed by mommy
All of that, he didn’t see at all
Even if I was bare, naked, with everything displayed for him to see